Creating Shopping Cart and Discount Coupons

BrainCert integrates with PayPal, Stripe, and Payumoney payment gateways to sell your courses, tests and live classes. Payments are deposited in to your account immediately after the transaction.

Step 1:

Change the payments settings to "paid" option and select the currency to collect payments.

Step 2:

Click on the gear icon in manage courses, tests, or live classes page and select option "Shopping Cart".

Step 3:

You can add Pricing Schemes by clicking on the "Add Pricing Scheme" button. The Pricing scheme can be given for lifetime or for a selective time period such as 30 days.

To create 'One-Time' payments, add your price amount and number of days you would like to give access. Click on the 'Lifetime' checkbox to give unlimited access to student and save your settings.

To create "Recurring Subscription", add your price amount and select subscription type either monthly or yearly and save your settings. You may create both monthly and yearly subscriptions.

Step 4:

Use "Discounts" option to create coupons for special promotion. You can create discounts for customers to use when they place an order to buy your course, test, or live class. Discounts are a great way to encourage spending or drive sales.

Offering discounts can be a powerful marketing strategy for your BrainCert store. There are no limits to the number of discount codes you can create.

Discount codes can be generated for a dollar value discount, or a percentage discount. You can also specify the dates for which the discount code is valid, the number of times a code can be used, and distribute it in your social media campaigns.

Global Discounts

To create a global discount, do not click on the "Use Discount Code" option. You can offer global discounts for a dollar value discount, or a percentage discount. Set the date range or check "Never expires" option and save changes.

In the front end, student will see the global discount offered in your course, test or live class listing page.

Creating Discount Coupon Codes

Check the 'Use Discounts Code' option to provide discounts to customers by creating coupon codes. You can also set a global discount for your course to all customers. After the End Date, the discounted price will be set to the original price. You can create any number of coupons.

In the Discount code text box, enter a name for the new discount code (for example, Thanksgiving2016).

How many times can this discount be used?

option lets you set a total number of times a discount can be used. For example, setting a limit of 200 allows the discount code to be used 200 times across your customer base. If you choose "No limit" setting, then customers can use the discount without any limit.
Enter a monetary or percentage value for the discount in the Discount value box. For example, 40% off for all orders.

Set the date range or check "Never expires" option and save changes.

This feature is also useful when creating 100% discount coupon for selective customers to bypass the payment gateway and give them full access to the course, test, or live class.
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