Creating shareable test links for external students

Tests can be shared with external users who do not have a BrainCert user account using the "shareable link" feature. This can be used to create unique links and shared via email to students, or can be embedded into your website. You can also charge students for the test and collect payments.

Step 1 :

Click on the "Get shareable link" on the test options.

Step 2 :

Click on the "Create link" button to get started.

Step 3 :

Start with a name for the link, time zone and availability date/time to set a specific date availability range.

Step 4 :

You can allow "unlimited" attempts or limit it to only specific number of attempts by a student.

Step 5 :

You can password protect the test and also choose to log test takers IP address.

Step 6 :

When student click on "Home" and other links on the test, they can be redirected back to your website using the "Redirect URL" feature.

Copy shareable link:

Step 1 :

To copy the test link, simply click on the link icon to open the popup.

Step 2 :

Click the blue link icon to copy it to the clipboard.

Step 3 :

Under "options", use the tick icon to publish or unpublish the shareable link. "Edit" and "delete" options are available as well.

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