Creating Course Bundles in the eLearning Platform

Course bundles gives learners the chance to study two or more online courses at the same time. It contains multiple number of courses that can be sold together at one price. This feature helps to encourage more sales.

With our new add-on Course Bundles feature you can easily create any number of courses and add it to the bundle with a special title and description. Also the created courses can be offered at a special price. This helps students to buy multiple courses simultaneously at a discounted price.

Step 1 :

Login to your eLearning Platform and navigate to Manage Course Bundle under Instructor.

Step 2:

Click Create Course Bundle and now you can add a course bundle by giving a name to the bundle and select required courses and description. Choose the currency and image for the bundle and click save.

Course Bundle Settings

Publish Bundle

This option is to publish the created course bundle. After creating the course bundles you can either publish or unpublish the course bundle.

Add/Edit Course Bundle

This option is to edit the course bundles name, course bundle price, currency and description.

Delete Bundle

This option is to delete the course bundle

Enroll Individual Students

Instructors can send a course invite and enroll students automatically to the course bundle. Enrollment status of the students can be found and if an Instructor wish to delete the user enrollment it can be done.

Manage Enrolled Students
Instructors can manage enrolled students by either deactivating or delete user enrollment.

Email Enrolled Students

Email can be sent to enrolled students and the respective email analytics can be found.

Email Prospective Students

Instructors can send email to prospective students to enroll for course bundle.

Course Bundle Email Notification Settings

You can find the bundle notification settings at the bottom of the settings menu. The below screen will get displayed once you click the bundle notification settings. Instructor can enable email notification settings for the course bundle created.

Instructor can get an email notification when a student enrolls in a course when notification is enabled.
Instructor can get an email notification when a new payment occurs if notification is enabled.
Instructor can get an email notification when a student enrolls in the course
Email analytics can be seen for a selected date range, if a student enrolls in the course bundle or when a new payment occurs.
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