In this article, we will walk you through steps on enrolling students in a course or test.

The process of adding students to courses is called enrollment. LMS provides a number of ways to enroll users in a course or test.

Enroll students automatically

Students can enroll themselves in a course when they create their user account in your LMS. This process is called self-registration.

Self-registration means that new users can register themselves at logon. In the login screen, users can choose to register themselves by filling out a form. After registration, they can access all content such as courses and tests assigned to the default user group.

In your LMS, go to Account & Settings > User registration, setup registration method to onboard new users to your LMS. Select "Allow users to enroll in a Group during registration" option to "Yes" to allow users to select a group to register. Select the "Default User Type" as "Learner".

If you want to force all users to register into a default user group, then select "Allow users to enroll in a Group during registration" option to "No". This gives you an option to select a group from the drop-down to force enroll all users to this specific group after registration.

| Pro tip: You need to create 'Groups' in advance from ** Account & Settings > List groups**.

Now, armed with this onboarding setup you can quickly assign courses and tests to the groups to allow users enrolled in the group to have access.

Go to Courses > Course Management and use the gear option icon to select the Assign User Group option.

Select one or more groups and click Save.

Repeat the same steps for tests and live classes under a virtual classroom.

When your students log in to the LMS after registration, all the courses, tests, and live classes assigned to the group that the student belongs to will be visible.

Important: If you're selling the courses, students would need to buy the course to get full access. Assigning courses to the group simply grant the 'view' permission to all the users in the group.

Enroll students manually

You can enroll students manually to a course by adding the user to the group that has the course assigned.

In your LMS, go to Account & Settings > List groups and click on the user icon for your group to add users.

Alternatively, if you do not want to add the student to a group, you can manually assign the student to a course using option Courses > Course Management > {gear options icon} > Enroll Individual Students.

This will bring up the enrollment form. Enter one e-mail address per line, and send out the course invitation. Students will get an e-mail notification and will be enrolled in the course.