Step 1: 

Login to your BrainCert Unified Training Platform and navigate to 'course' from the left side navigation bar.

Step 2:

On your course management page, click on the more icon under options

  • Preview as Learner - Click this option to preview your course from a learners perspective.

  • Preview as Instructor - Click this option to preview your course from an instructor perspective.

  • Publish / Unpublish - Click this option to publish or unpublish your course.

  • Edit - Edit your course.

  • Clone - Click this option to duplicate your course.

  • Delete - Delete your course.

  • Shopping Cart - BrainCert integrates seamlessly with PayPal and Stripe to sell your online courses for faster revenue. Easily create subscriptions and sell it using shopping cart.

  • Discounts - Offer discounts to your customers by creating coupon codes. Customize coupons with expiry dates, redeem limits, and other extra conditions.

  • Add Certificate - Click on this link design course completion certificate that students can download as a PDF file upon successful completion of the course.

  • Add Course Materials - Design your course structure using this intuitive tool. You can organize all your uploaded and embedded contents as course chapters and lectures.

  • Add Rules - Add course completion rules.

  • Add Live Class - Add live classes to your course created using Virtual Classroom.

  • Reports - Shows you detailed reports with interactive graphs of all students enrolled in your course.

  • Enroll New Students - Enroll New Students automatically by sending them an email notification below. This is best for assigning users to Private or Paid courses. Users who do not have a BrainCert user account will be granted access to this course when they sign up for an account.

  • Manage Enrolled Students - Shows the enrollment status of all students and options to deactivate enrollment.

  • Email Enrolled Students - Email course updates and news to students enrolled in your course.

  • Email Prospective Students - Send marketing emails to prospective students who are not enrolled in your course.