This article is to assist you in creating content pages and linking them to landing page templates.

Step 1:

Navigate to 'Content Pages' under 'Marketing'.

Step 2:

To create a new content page, click "Add New Content Page".

Step 3:

Give the content page a title and its description like Privacy Policy, About Us, or Contact Us and select the "Save" button

Step 4:

Then navigate to the 'Login/Register page' submenu of 'Look and Feel' under the 'Global Settings' left menu

Step 5:

Click the edit icon of the "Legacy" page name under the Options.

Step 6:

The saved page can be selected from the list box in the footer settings. The content page can also be aligned and its background color can be changed. When it's done, click Save.

Legacy is an old version of the Login/Register Page. The changes done in the legacy page like linking content page into the template will dynamically appears on Modern Education Login/Register Page which is for new customer.