Theme-related settings have been moved to the "Look and Feel" menu under "Global Settings". The login/registration page can be customized by selecting a specific template. These are the steps involved,

Step 1:

Under the Global settings menu, click the "Look and feel" option

Step 2:

There are two submenu "Theme" and "Login/Register page". Click on the Login/Register page.

Step 3:

Additional templates are included with the Login/Register page templates. There is a new login/register page template called Modern education, and the existing one is called Legacy.

Setting the active login page template can be done by clicking on the default star icon.

Step 4:

Legacy - Existing login page version is called Legacy

By clicking on the Edit icon under Options, the page title, theme color, login page images, catalog settings, and footer settings can be edited.

Step 5:

Modern Education-  New login/register page template called Modern education. Make click on the More under option, for editing the Registration Page, Login page, and Forget Password Page.

  • Edit Registration Page: All content inside the registration page from title to end case can be edited.

  • Edit Login Page: A user can edit the content and image of the login page.

  • Edit Forget Password Page: Changes can be made to the text and image inside the Forget password page.

We hope you find this article helpful