Screen Sharing inside HTML5 Virtual Classroom

BrainCert's HTML5 Screen Sharing solution allows you to share your full desktop screen or a specific application in HD. Instructors would need to use either Chrome or Firefox browser to start screen sharing. Attendees can be on any browser to see the shared screen.

Step 1:

After starting your live session select the screen sharing icon in the bottom middle.

Step 2:

You can choose to share your "Entire screen" or an "individual application/window" *or a *“Chrome or Firefox Tab”. Click the "Share" button to start streaming your entire screen.

It is recommended to share a separate browser window or a different screen, if you have dual monitors. Sharing virtual classrooms inside the virtual classroom will create a loop.

Step 3:

To stop sharing your screen, click on the screen-sharing icon again, or click on the Stop sharing button at the bottom.

Click on stop sharing when you need to stop screen sharing.