Rather than creating users manually one at a time, you can add many users using the bulk import tool. To do this, use the example CSV (comma separated values) file that contains the user's data. Aside from the essential user data, such as email address, first name and last name, you can also set one or more user group during import.

You must be a super admin or a user with a role enabling this to bulk import users.

Step 1:

Go to "Account & Settings" --> "List users" and click on the Bulk Import Users button.

Step 2 :

Click on the "Download Sample" link to download the example CSV file.

The CSV file has specific fields in certain order such as 'First name', 'Last name' and so on. Do not change the order and create your own columns. You can populate the columns with your user data as shown below:

Note that when two users have the same email address, the first user get created and the second user errors out, saying that email address already exists.

Users can change their password after login.

Step 3:

You can add users to one or more groups during import. To do that, add comma separated Group IDs for each row. You can find the ID of a group by going to "Account & Settings" --> "List groups" and note the number in the Id column.

Importing the CSV user data file

Step 1:

Now, click on the 'Select CSV file' button and select the updated CSV file from your computer and click on the 'Import' button to start the import process.

Step 2:

The bulk import tool will output detailed information with the status information.

  • 'Success' - User account imported successfully.
  • 'Warning' - User's email address already exists in the platform. Click on the 'Yes' button to add this user in your LMS.

Understanding activation email triggers

  • BrainCert users a centralized directory for all user accounts allowing single sign-on across all BrainCert platform and services. When you delete a user in LMS, the actual user data is not deleted from the directory. When you add the existing user with the same email address from the directory, an option will be shown to add this user under your LMS.
  • When you add a user manually or bulk import users who are new to the directory service, then no activation email will be sent.
  • When you add a user who already exists in the directory, an option will be shown to add this user again. For security reasons, an activation email will be sent to this email address. User has to click on the secure link received in the email to activate the account. User cannot login until the account is activated.
  • Super admin cannot edit the user data of existing users who were added from the directory. All new users imported who do not exist in the directory can be edited and managed by the super admin.

When you click on the "Yes" blue button in the above picture, user will be added in your LMS and an activation email will be sent.

Re-sending activation emails

You can send the activation email again with a new secure link anytime. Go to "Account & Settings" --> "List users" and search for the specific user. Click on the 'mail' icon under options to send the activation email again.

You can see the status as 'Pending' under 'Username' column. This 'Pending' status will be removed when the user click on the link received in the email.